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European Phase Change and Ovonic Symposium 2019 – E\PCOS2019

From 9/8/2019 to 9/10/2019
CEA Leti, Minatec Campus, 3 Parvis Louis Néel, 38054 Grenoble, France.

E\PCOS conference brings the phase change community together to discuss the latest R&D available in that specific area and their potential applications. 

This year the event will cover the following topics: 

  • Current status of the Phase Change Memory and its future
  • Physics and materials science of Phase-Change Materials
  • Phase-change memory, More Moore, from bidimensional system to 3D architecture
  • Thermal and/or Electrical characterization and Reliability of materials and devices
  • Mechanical and/or Electrothermal Modeling and Simulation
  • Synthesis and characterization of chalcogenide alloy nanowires
  • Fast Optical and electrical manipulation of atomic arrangements in chalcogenide alloys
  • Systems for Neuromorphic computing
  • Layered and superlattice phase-change materials
  • Topological insulating properties of phase-change materials
  • Structure and analysis characterization Concepts et theory

Practical information

  • Questions? Pierre NOE CEA-Leti, Grenoble, France.

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