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IEEE Radio Frequency Integrated Circuit Symposium

From 6/4/2017 to 6/6/2017
Honolulu, Hawaii, USA

Join Leti at IEEE Radio Frequency Integrated Circuit Symposium (RFIC) in Honolulu, June 4-6 in Honolulu (Hawaii Convention Center).

Attend our workshops 

Leti will co-organize a workshop with Intel Labs and Georgia Institute of Technology on June 4, 8am-5pm: “5G Mm-Wave IC Front-end Co-design with Antenna, Packaging, and Testing for Future SOC Solutions”. Organizations invited to present within this workshop include: NXP, IBM, Univ. of Washington, Tektronix, and University of California at Irvine. 

Abstract:  The 5th generation wireless systems (5G) is proposed as the next major revolution of mobile wireless technologies. Mm-Wave carriers and MIMO systems are expected to be extensively employed in 5G systems to achieve significantly enhanced data rate, spectral/spatial diversity/efficiency, and minimized system latency. High-performance mm-wave front-end integrated circuit design has always been a major technical challenge, and the inflexible 50 ohm interface with antenna and packaging adds to such existing circuit challenges. In this full-day workshop, the speakers will demonstrate/discuss their recent innovations in the mm-Wave antenna and low-cost packaging designs as well as their co-designs with mm-Wave front-end circuits. Moreover, the sophisticate mm-wave testing for future System-on-Chip solutions is also discussed, as the cost of such industrial applications will be shared between the die, the package and the testing.

Leti’s presentation:  

  • Workshop WSC, “5G Mm-Wave IC Front-end Co-design with Antenna, Packaging, and Testing for Future SOC Solutions
  • Date: Sun. 4 June 8:00-12:00
  • Title: WSC-7, Non-invasive mmW Built-in Test Techniques
  • Presenter: Jose Luis Gonzalez

Leti will also contribute to another workshop: 

  • Workshop WME, “Front End Module (FEM) for 5G
  • Date: Mon. 5 June, 8:00-12:00
  • Title: WME-5, RF SOI Technology for PA/FEM Integration
  • Presenter: Alexandre Giry 

Discover Leti latest R&D

Leti will present one paper:
  • Date: Sun. 4 June, 19:30 - 9:30
  • Session: 100, Interactive Forum
  • Title: 100-4, “A Fully-Integrated SOI CMOS Complex-Impedance Detector for Matching Network Tuning in LTE Power Amplifier
  • Presenter: Ayssar Serhan  

Practical information

Hawaii Convention Center, in Honolulu, Hawaii.

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