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Smart Systems Integration

From 4/27/2021 to 4/29/2021
Digital event

CEA-Leti is hosting the conference. In view of the current health context, the event initially planned in Grenoble will be held this year in virtual form. In 2022, the conference will be held in Grenoble, we hope, face-to-face.

This conference and exhibition on the integration of intelligent systems is chaired by Emmanuel SABONNADIERE.

The intelligent systems integration conference and exhibition showcases recent developments in the field of intelligent systems throughout the value chain, from MEMS / NEMS, photonics, micromechanics, microfluidics, print functionality up to complete systems and different application scenarios.

CEA-Leti will present:

  • Keynote : Elisa VIANELLO  The role of resistive memories to enable frugal AI devices, CEA-Leti
  • Guest: Jean-François Delepau Patron of the conference, CEO Lynred



  • Antoine LAURIN : State-of-Charge and State-of-Health online estimation of Li-On battery for More Electrical Aircraft application based on semi-empirical ageing model and Sigma-Point Kalman Filtering (CEA-Leti)
  • Stéphan BOREL : Systems Secured by Packaging using a GMI Structure (CEA-Leti)

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