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From 6/13/2021 to 6/19/2021

CEA-Leti @VLSI 2021, June 13-19, 2021


CEA-Leti will present this year at the VLSI Symposia , an international conference on semiconductor technology and circuits, three papers. On-demand virtual presentations, digest of technical papers will be available from 14:00 (JST) on June 1.


3D Sequential Integration

  • Record RF Performance (ft=180GHz and fmax=240GHz) of a FDSOI NMOS Processed within a Low Thermal Budget for 3D Sequential Integration,  Tuesday, June 15, 9:30 am (JST)
  • Record Performance of 500°C Low-Temperature nMOSFETs for 3D Sequential Integration Using a Smart CutTM Layer Transfer Module. June 17, 15:10 (JST) [PRESS RELEASE]


Workshop: PPAC Analysis and System-Technology Co-Optimization for 3D Memory-on-Logic IC, Many-Core SOC and AI Computing Applications

  • 3D Technology: The Enabler for Advanced Digital Applications, F. Andrieu, CEA-Leti

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