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CEA-Leti’s 2020 Silicon Technologies & Components Report Now Available

Published on 30 September 2021

CEA-Leti unveils its 2020 silicon technologies & components report highlighting the latest advances for silicon devices and technologies. CEA-Leti's silicon technologies and components research activities are shared between two divisions gathering together around 600 researchers:

  • The Technology Platform Division carries out innovative process engineering, materials research and development as well as advanced nano-characterization.   
  • The Silicon Components Division carries out research on nanoelectronics and heterogeneous integration on silicon and is focusing on two mains areas: on-going shrinking of CMOS devices to extend Moore's Law for faster, less-expensive computing power, and the integration of new capabilities into CMOS, such as sensors, power devices, imaging technology, and new types of memory, to enable new applications. 

⬇ Download this 2020 report to find the latest advances for your silicon devices and technologies. 

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