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CEA-Leti: a Top 5 global leader of semiconductor patents

​Thanks to its dedication to research, innovation and the transfer of technology, CEA continues to be a leader amongst French, European and international research organizations. For the 11th year in a row, CEA ranks in the Top 100 Global Innovators by Clarivate. This international ranking once again highlights the relevance and success of CEA’s strategy for intellectual property.

Published on 26 April 2023

With 291 patents filed in the field of electronics in 2022, CEA-Leti is leading the way to support CEA's global reach – a big thumbs up and our sincere thanks to CEA-Leti research teams for making this success possible. Year after year, CEA is the only French research organization to achieve such a global and widely respected impact on innovation!


"I'd like to give a special shout-out to CEA-Leti research teams. By pushing back the frontiers of micro and nanotechnology, their dedication to innovation is paving the way for the future of electronics." Said Sébastien Dauvé, CEA-Leti CEO

As a pioneer of micro and nanotechnology, CEA-Leti accounts for approximately 45% of patent applications at CEA. A dedicated spirit of innovation that pays: CEA is the only European research organization to rank Top 5  worldwide in terms of semiconductor patents


As a leader of knowledge production, CEA-Leti is a major employer of top-notch research talent and a key player in funneling cutting-edge advances to industry, in particular French and European industrial partners. Overall, the European Patent Office ranks CEA in the Top 50 for European patent applications.


Innovation and technology transfer: a winning strategy at CEA

CEA primarily files patents in three major sectors: energy, healthcare and digital. And the winning field is without a doubt electronics with its patents. Overall CEA is in the Top 3 for numerous fields and industries such as chemistry, equipment, electrical energy or measurement technology. The wealth of innovation produced at CEA continues to support the institution's long-term vision for the transfer of technology (76 startups & 250 active bilateral industrial partnerships).


CEA-Leti is a key actor in this strategy thanks to a long history of patent development. Through patent filings, technology transfer to industrial partners, patent royalties and research funding, the institution promotes an ecosystem in which knowledge can flourish—a fact confirmed by more than 3,100 in force patent families!


Congratulations to all CEA teams, CEA-Liten, CEA-Leti, CEA-List, CEA IRESNE, CEA ISAS, CEA ISEC, CEA I-Tésé, CEA-Irig.


The Top 100 Clarivate ranking includes companies and research organizations that have successfully filed at least 100 patents for inventions over the past five years. These global innovation players are ranked according to four criteria:

  • Number of patent applications
  • Patent success rate
  • Global reach (patents filed in the US, Japan, Europe and/or China)
  • Influence (number of times an original patent is cited in other patent requests)

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