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CEA-Leti project wins i-Lab competition

Published on 21 October 2020

Mag4Health, a future startup and CEA-Leti spinoff, won an award at the i-Lab 2020 competition.  The project aims to develop a helmet-sized magnetoencephalography (MEG) system that represents a major advance with regard to today's bulky machines.

  • The core technology, protected by ten patents, does not require cryogenic cooling. Instead, it boasts a simple magnetic shielding system that weighs just a few hundred kilograms (instead of ten tons). The key to the breakthrough? Optically pumped magnetometers with an enhanced size-to-sensitivity ratio.

  • MEG is widely accepted as superior in accuracy and resolution to EEG* neuro-imaging. Mag4Health has set the ambitious target of cutting the cost of the system tenfold so that a greater number of systems (just 150 worldwide currently) can be made available. 
Clinical trials started in September. The startup will be officially founded in early 2021.

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