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CEA-Leti research institute named best of the year by 3DinCites

​IntAct for the device of the year, ChipInFlex for the process of the year and finally Leti for the institute of the year, all three were selected to compete for the award in their category. CEA-Leti is honoured to win the 3DInCites research institute of the year award.

Published on 2 April 2020

IntAct chip-based system is composed of a 96-core architecture including 6 chiplets (FDSOI 28 nm) 3D-stacked onto an active silicon interposer (CMOS 65 nm), fully processed, packaged and tested. Based on advanced 3D technology and advanced 3D architecture, IntAct paves the way for the design of future efficiency systems for high performance computing.

ChipInFlex is a generic process for manufacturing a flexible label incorporating silicon components. The CEA-Leti's packaging team is the first to offer flip-chip silicon dies interconnection within flexible film. The ChipInFlex process has been successfully validated on an electric test vehicle. A first step towards a fully electronic system in a flexible label has been made.

CEA-Leti, has been selected institute of the year by the judge.This nomination rewards  Leti's team research 3D programs:  its chiplet-on-interposer concept for High-performance computing, on going developments on 3D VLSI technology and espacially on ultra-fine pitch 500 nm hybrid bounding technology. Also, the CoolCube program allowing to superimpose and interconnect FDSOI transistors with alignment precision of the order of a nanometer, , and many more make Leti the best research institute of the year.

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