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CoolCube® attains more than 10 million 3D contacts/mm2

​Leti is extending its 3D integration roadmap with its CoolCube® technology developed in conjunction with several industrial R&D partners including IBM and STMicroelectronics.

Published on 27 October 2016

The technology attains 10 million 3D contacts per mm2, a huge increase over the 100,000 contacts delivered by traditional solutions. With CoolCube®, FDSOI transistors are stacked and interconnected with pattern alignment accurate to the nanometer-which is what makes all the difference.

CoolCube® was recently tested in close-to-industrial conditions at cleanrooms here in Grenoble. The technology offers an alternative to reducing circuit dimensions, which is becoming cost-prohibitive. The researchers are now working on making the process more robust and reducing the temperature of certain steps. The goal is to transfer the technology to an industrial partner within two years.

Source: Minanews

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