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Injectpower, for implantable monitoring devices that last

The problem with implantable medical monitoring devices for organs like the eye, brain, or heart, is that the power sources are often larger than the actual sensors.

Published on 12 January 2022

​Startup Injectpower was founded in early 2020 to tackle this challenge. The company is building on a technology protected by 40 CEA-Liten and CEA-Leti patents to offer rechargeable millimeter-sized microbatteries. These tiny batteries make on-demand, intervention-free, in situ measurement possible.

Doctors can now get a read on intraocular pressure (glaucoma), intracranial pressure (stroke, hydrocephalus), and cardiac pressure (hypertension). Injectpower has stayed mostly under the radar since it was founded, but the startup recently announced a partnership with a US-based medtech firm specializing in pressure sensors. Injectpower has a joint R&D lab with CEA-Leti for its future products.


Source: Minanews

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