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Miniaturized chemical sensor integrated on silicon

​​Researchers from Leti successfully integrated a high-performance chemical sensor on silicon. 

Published on 19 June 2019

The system’s quantum cascade lasers, photoacoustic cell, and photonic circuit take up less than 1 cm3; the conventional system originally took up around a liter.
The lasers produce light in the mid-infrared spectrum, which means that they can detect a broad range of gases. The sensor, compact enough to be integrated into a smartphone, will target the medical and environmental markets.

The researchers are pursuing their work, and are now investigating ways to fit additional optical sources into the same form factor for even wider detection capabilities.
A few test batches have been manufactured and Leti is working with startup MirSense and is also seeking partners to cover other applications. Leti has filed two patents to protect the innovation.

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