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Odile Allard revolutionizes cancer thyroid surgery

Odile Allard founded Fluoptics in 2009. A CEA-Leti spin-off, which became a world leader in fluorescence imaging for thyroid surgery. 

Published on 7 February 2022

In 2006, Odile Allard met Philippe Rizo, then head of the optical imaging laboratory at CEA-Leti. He possessed a strong expertise in fluorescence imaging. After 25 years of professional experience in the IT sector, Odile Allard joined CEA-Leti to carry out a feasibility study. For two years, she worked closely with Philippe Rizo on this project. The result was a promising application for cancer surgery. It was on this basis that Odile Allard created Fluoptics.

Odile Allard is also keen to emphasize the importance of women in entrepreneurship: 

 Women have all the qualities needed to succeed, but often lack daring; they have doubts about their legitimacy in this business founder role. Even if the environment remains increasingly favorable to men, there is nothing to feel insecure about, they should go for it! Obviously, we have to be ready to roll your sleeves up, possess a great capacity for work and resilience. We need stickability and the ability to challenge ourselves to find the uncharted path.”

Fluoptics in brief: 
  • LOCATION: Grenoble, 30 employees, world leader in fluorescence imaging for thyroid surgery, with more than 400 systems installed in upwards of twenty countries. 
  • TECHNOLOGY: The FLUOBEAM® solution consists of visualising the parathyroids by autofluorescence imaging and then their vascularisation via the injection of a fluorescent agent into the patient in order to guide the surgeon during the operation, thus enabling him to preserve the parathyroids and limit postoperative complications for the patient.
  • STRATEGIC FOCUS AREAS: growth in operating income internationally, system miniaturization, development of new therapeutic indications.

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