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Power Electronics: A Super Module for Super Components

CEA-Leti's best silicon-based GaN power components have now been showcased to reflect their excellence: a double face cooling module with performance characteristics exceeding the state of the art.

Published on 21 July 2020

​CEA-Leti's new gallium nitride-on-silicon (GaN/Si) components offer exceptional properties.

in particular, low on-state resistances and switching speeds 10 to 15 times faster than those of silicon components. However, their currents have so far had to be restricted to prevent their destruction because there has been no optimized packaging.CEA-Leti's new packaging has lifted this technological barrier. Thanks to extremely low interfering inductance (3 nH at 100 MHz) of the packaging, it has been successfully tested at 350 V and 10 A for a 15 ns switching speed. 

"Its limits undoubtedly exceed this: new 15 A, 10 ns tests are planned", says Pierre Perichon, one of the project managers.

 Packaging ready to accompany the race for power!

Every design aspect has been optimized. The module is provided with a double face, liquid cooling system, which allows it to switch very high currents. Electromagnetic interferences, so critical in fast components, have been greatly reduced. The compactness of this packaging opens the door to on-board applications.
Designed by CEA-Leti's dedicated laboratory, the packaging it has been fabricated at the CEA Tech Toulouse's platform and the Apsi3D company, which has provided two technological bricks: the double face cooling system already mentioned and vertical connection assembly using nanoballs.
This new architecture is of generic nature and it can easily be adapted to new generations of power components. Similarly, it can be resized for applications, such as electric vehicle inverters, that reach 100 to 150 kW. Packaging is no longer a barrier in the race for power! On the contrary, it enables the best in GaN or SiC large gap components to be showcased.

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