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Aledia raises 120 million euros for MicroLED industrialization

​​​​​With the support of its historic partners (CEA Investissement, Supernova Invest, Braemar Energy Ventures, Bpifrance and the French government), Aledia has raised the funds required to launch the industrialization of its MicroLED technology for displays. First up, the company will implement production for the smartwatch, smartphone, tablet, large screen LED display, large TV display and laptop markets before ratcheting up its production to target augmented reality and automobile markets.​

Published on 16 November 2023

RGBpixel: MicroLED tech for the future​

Aledia is a CEA-Leti spin-off startup and the two organizations have shared a laboratory for more than ten years. As a result, their research teams worked hand-in-hand to develop the innovative MicroLED technology known as RGBpixel. Thanks to CEA-Leti patents, cleanrooms and a collaborative research effort, this innovative tech offers several key advances in terms of luminosity, cost and energy efficiency.

With its greater luminosity, each RGBpixel is expected to consume ten times less than current technologies at equivalent luminosities. Made from silicon substrates, RGBpixel is cheaper to produce than current technology, which relies on more expensive sapphire substrates. In addition, each RGBpixel already integrates a red, green and blue sub-pixel. This is a significant advantage over current technology, which uses separate red, green and blue sub-pixels. The result is a reduced number of manipulations required to integrate each pixel.

Industrialization made possible thanks to committed partnerships

With the support of its partners, Aledia had already built a new plant for its MicroLED technology. The next step was to implement the equipment and production lines necessary to launch the industrialization of this technology. ​

LThe complementarity of CEA-Leti and Aledia laboratory teams, as well as an unprecedented level of commitment to this project, enabled CEA-Leti to produce tech demonstrators within a year instead of three years. The successful demonstration of this technology was key to unlocking the next step in investments.​​

“For more than ten years, CEA-Leti has offered scientific support through research and patents. This type of committed collaborative relationship is essential to accelerate development and ensure we’re able to support Europe’s sovereignty in this field.”, says Sébastien Dauvé, CEO of CEA-Leti.


“We are thrilled to see that our successful collaboration with CEA and the recent funds raised for Aledia have ensured the company will be at the forefront of innovation. This strategy enables us to reaffirm our leadership in the field of display technology. It’s a significant step up that not only recognizes our technological expertise, but also supports the attractiveness of our region thanks to the creation of more than 500 highly qualified jobs at our new plant.”, underlines Philippe Gilet, co-founder and CTO.​​​

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