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Giving businesses the most advanced IC design technologies

Leti, a CEA Tech institute, initiated Silicon Impulse to give businesses unrivalled access to the most advanced integrated circuit design technologies.


Published on 18 September 2015

​Silicon Impulse, a center for advanced integrated circuit design technologies, was created in March 2015 at the initiative of Leti. The center's partners* contributed a broad array of resources and know-how to give businesses a single point of access to FD-SOI (silicon) technology and support for the increasing numbers of low-energy component development projects driven by the emerging Internet of Things. "We want to give businesses seeking innovative and advanced technologies an opportunity to design, make, and test FD-SOI circuits, providing the support they need from concept to manufacturing," said a Leti representative. Silicon Impulse services, which include prototyping and production test runs, cover all stages of development, from concept to scaling up a technology for industrial manufacturing. Services leverage Leti's and the other partners' industrial facilities.

Businesses can now benefit from the CEA's know-how in analog, RF, digital, memory, and integrated hardware-software solutions and find the right technologies for their needs, all at an affordable cost.

*CEA Tech, STMicroelectronics, Dolphin Integration, CMP, Mentor Graphics, Cortus, and Presto Engineering

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