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CEA-Leti will present 21 papers (8 invited) at Photonics West 2019 & host workshop on latest R&D

GRENOBLE, France – Jan. 29, 2019 Leti, an institute of CEA-Tech, will present eight invited papers, 21 in total, at Photonics West 2019 in San Francisco, and unveil its latest research on improved photonics-electronics and software convergence at a Feb. 6 workshop.

Published on 29 January 2019

Optics and Si-Photonics Teams Will Explain Transfer-Ready Solutions

For Wavelength Imaging and Other Applications at Leti Booth, Feb. 5-7


From Feb. 5-7 in booth #959B, CEA-Leti's multidisciplinary optics-and-photonics teams will introduce their latest ready-to-be-transferred solutions for all-wavelength imaging – visible, infrared, THz – as well as information displays, solid-state lighting, optical data communications, optical sensors, and more.

For the fourth consecutive year, Leti will host a photonics workshop and networking-cocktail reception for invited guests during Photonics West. Beginning at 5:30 pm, Feb. 6 in the W-Hotel, Leti will unveil its latest research towards greater photonics-electronics and software convergence.


Workshop Topics

  • Introduction – Ludovic Poupinet, Head of CEA-Leti's Optics & Photonics Division
  • Next Generation Disruptive Adaptive Driving Headlight Technology –
Jy Bhardwaj, Chief Technology Officer, Lumileds
  • Smart Retina for Edge Intelligence – Marc Duranton, CEA Fellow, CEA-Leti's Architecture, IC Design & Embedded Software Division
  • Towards Smart Miniaturized LIDAR – Eleonore Hardy, CEA-Leti
Business Developer, Silicon Photonics
  • On-Chip Optical Sensing for Chemical Trace Detection – Sergio Nicoletti, CEA-Leti Business Developer, Optical Sensors
  • A Solution Towards Large-Area MicroLED Displays – François Templie, CEA-Leti Strategic Marketing Manager for Displays
  • Curved Image Sensor: A Minor Change for Great Benefits – Alexis Rochas, CEA-Leti Business Developer, Visible Imaging

Photonics West Papers

- Saturday, Feb 2

  • Fibre grating coupler development for Si-photonics process design kits at CEA-Leti (Invited) 9:20 am ROOM 152 (SOUTH UPPER MEZZANINE)

  • Time-resolved optical monitoring to detect and identify deep flaps (Invited)
  • Surprisingly simple and compact microscope for time-lapse phase and fluorescence imaging based on chromatic aberration 2:30 pm ROOM 210 (SOUTH LEVEL TWO)
  • Quantitative phase imaging of adherent mammalian cells: a comparison of three different techniques 2:50 pm ROOM 210 (SOUTH LEVEL TWO)


- Sunday, Feb. 3

  • Photoacoustic cell on silicon for mid-infrared QCL-based spectroscopic analysis (Invited) 1:30 pm ROOM 205 (SOUTH LEVEL TWO)


- Monday, Feb. 4

  • Green InGaN/GaN based LEDs: high luminance and blue shift

         8:45 am ROOM 314 (SOUTH LEVEL THREE)

  • Statistical study of blood cells population by very wide-field phase/fluorescence imaging 1:20 pm ROOM 159 (SOUTH UPPER MEZZANINE)
  • Optical frequency comb generation using annealing-free Si3N4 films for front-end monolithic integration with Si photonics 2:30 pm ROOM 105 (LOBBY LEVEL SOUTH)

  • Laser cooling of solids: towards biomedical applications 2:30 pm ROOM 58 (SOUTH LOWER MEZZANINE)

- Tuesday, Feb. 5

  • Advances on GeSn-based light emitters and photodetectors for mid-IR photonics (Invited) 8:20 am ROOM 152 (SOUTH UPPER MEZZANINE)

  • Miniaturization of mid-IR sensors on Si: challenges and perspectives (Invited) 
  • Subwavelength cavity optomechanics 11:40 am ROOM 153 (SOUTH UPPER MEZZANINE)
  • Advances on large-scale integration CMOS compatible hybrid III-V/Si laser on 200mm platform (Invited) 11:45 am ROOM 152 (SOUTH UPPER MEZZANINE)
  • Multiplexed pixelated hologram recording process for retinal projection device

     InGaN/GaN μLED SPICE modelling with size-dependent ABC model integration
    2:50 pm ROOM 311 (SOUTH LEVEL THREE)


- Wednesday, Feb. 6

  • Technological advances on Si and Si3N4 low-loss waveguide platforms for nonlinear and quantum optics applications 8:30 am ROOM 213 (SOUTH LEVEL TWO)

  • Integrated optical network design for a retinal projection concept based on single-mode SiN waveguides at 532 nm 8:40 am ROOM 105 (LOBBY LEVEL SOUTH)
  • Atomic-scale engineering of amorphous Ge-Sb-S-Se-Te chalcogenide thin films for nonlinear optics in the mid-infrared 10:30 am ROOM 105 (LOBBY LEVEL SOUTH)
  • Single-mode lasing in strained Ge microbridges (Invited)


- Thursday, Feb. 7

  • Development of a 360° display based on transparent projection surface: application to a theatrical performance 9:00 am ROOM 151 (SOUTH UPPER MEZZANINE)

  • Advanced solutions for high-performance GaN MicroLED displays (Invited)

        9:30 am ROOM 314 (SOUTH LEVEL THREE)

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