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Published on 30 May 2024
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Reinventing healthcare services: r​einventing healthcare services

The era of imaging exams carried out only in hospitals or specialized clinics is coming to an end.​

Miniaturized, portable devices​

With the miniaturization of X-ray sources and imaging equipment becoming light and compact enough to be mobile, these services will soon be available in nursing homes, in regions with few medical infrastructures or even in patients’ homes. The goal? Faster diagnostics and results as well as reinforced preventive care.

Mobile imaging devices will profoundly transform healthcare services. Their performance will be at least equivalent to that of current standard devices. Imagine mobile devices that capture images whose quality is as good as imaging services at major hospitals.​

CEA-Leti at the heart of breakthrough technologies​

CEA-Leti's research is playing a key role in the emergence of these disruptive technologies. Innovation in imaging will have a positive impact on everything from the reinvention of scanner equipment to the use of optimized detectors and miniaturized X-ray sources to create smaller, cheaper and more precise ultrasound probes. Cutting-edge advances in magnetoencephalography, the only technique capable of recording and localizing all cerebral activity, will reduce the price barrier of such installations. Furthermore, advances in research are revolutionizing the diagnosis of cancer in biological tissues. In the future, it will take just a few hours to carry out an analysis that previously took several days.​​​​​​​

Technology demonstrators​

Imagerie médicale

Sensitive multi-isotope gamma-ray imaging detection module at low-cost​

Dispositifs médicaux

Towards improved, Lower-cost biomagnetic brain imaging devices ​​


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