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Published on 30 May 2024
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Innovation in treatmen​t design, production and delivery​

The emergence of disruptive technologies is transforming the pharmaceutical industry.​​​


First, design is being revolutionized with advances such as organoids-on-a-chip that can be used to understand the effects of various active ingredients, notably in oncology. They can also be used in personalized medicine to select the most appropriate drug for each patient.​

Optimization of production processes​​

Second, the optimization of production processes is facilitating access to cutting-edge treatment. For example, biomedicines are a promising treatment solution, but have costly, time-consuming production processes with low yields. Thanks to advances in tools for process monitoring and regulation, it is possible to optimize the production line and make such treatments more easily accessible to patients.​

​Drug delivery​​

Finally, drug delivery is also evolving to improve quality of life with technologies such as Lipidots® (ideal for messenger RNA vaccines) or micro-needle patches applied to the skin (for vaccines or skin cancer treatments).​

A state ambition​ ​

By developing these tools, by supporting a national strategy to accelerate advances in this field, and by participating in the France Biolead Association (, CEA-Leti is contributing to a key ambition of the French government and French biomedicine manufacturers: to increase the yield of certain stages of the production process by at least a factor of ten and make France the European leader in biomanufacturing.

CEA-Leti is thoroughly committed to this major transformation. Advances are being made across many fields, with notable breakthroughs in areas such: infrared imagers, ultrasonic sensors with record-breaking performance, embedded systems with artificial intelligence, laboratories-on-a-chip based on silicon technologies, and miniaturized, highly sensitive electrochemical sensors. ​

​Technology demonstrators​ ​ ​

Imagerie médicale

​Lipidots®​​​​​ ​
A versatile lipid nano-formulation system for biomedical applications​​

Dispositifs médicaux

​​Organoid-on-a-chip​​​​​​​​​ ​​​​​​​​ ​​​
Microfluidic devices with cellular systems that model human physiology and pathologies to facilitate targeted healthcare​​​

Outils pharmaceutiques

Smart micro-needles ​ ​
Measure biological parameters and cure ​

Système de surveillance

Fast biological assessment with microfluidic device and proteomics​​ ​

Imagerie médicale

A generic toolkit for microfluidics and point-of-care diagnostics ​​


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