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Publié le 29 novembre 2018

Tripoli-4® has its own native geometry package, allowing for both a pure surface-based representation, and a combinatorial representation with predefined shapes and Boolean operators (any combination of these two kinds of representations can be adopted).


TRIPOLI-4® geometry of a one eighth of a PWR for fluence vessel analysis.

Tripoli-4® has been also made compatible with any geometry developed in the format of the ROOT software [1]: this allows the user to directly use (without recompiling) an already built ROOT geometry.


A three-dimensional PWR model in ROOT geometry that can be used in TRIPOLI-4®.

More generally, Tripoli-4® may be linked to any third-party geometry module providing an Application Programming Interface for the current particle position and the next intersection in the direction of flight: Tripoli-4® has been recently coupled with Geant4 [2] and successful tests have been made [3].


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