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Tracked particles

Publié le 29 novembre 2018

Tripoli-4 ® can simulate neutral particles: neutrons in the energy range from 20 MeV to 10-5 eV, and photons in the energy range from 20 MeV to 1 keV. Moreover, electrons and positrons can also be simulated down to 1 keV [1, 2], mainly in the context of radiation detection problems and nuclear instrumentation. Neutron-photon coupling is handled by default. Photonuclear reactions may be simulated as well, if requested. The coupling between photons, electrons and positrons is taken into account by tracking the entire electro-magnetic shower.


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[2] D. Mancusi, A. Bonin, F.X. Hugot, F. Malouch, EPJ Web of Conferences 170, 01008 (2018).