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Published on 11 March 2021

Whenever a new full version of TRIPOLI-4 (including criticality and shielding simulation modes) is delivered to first-rank sponsors, the equivalent Shielding-only version is delivered to NEA Databank and RSICC, together with the previous Criticality and Shielding version of the code.

The code licenses are single-establishment single-user, and CEA does not request any fee for them. Any permanent staff from an establishment in NEA DB or RSICC countries may apply for a license. For non-NEA DB or RSICC establishments, distribution may be directly done by CEA, provided that an agreement exists between CEA and the requesting party.

The licenses cover the code trial, teaching and R&D activities, ITER, DEMO and related programs (being understood as R&D).

The source code is not delivered on a standard basis, as from CEA IP protection policy and QA program. Any third party wishing to have access to the source code shall contact CEA.

As of 2018, version 9S (Shielding-only) and version 8.1 (Criticality and Shielding) are available from NEA DB and RSICC.

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