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Published on 29 November 2018

SALOME TRIPOLI is a stand-alone tool built for TRIPOLI-4 by the SALOME open-source project [1]. It provides the user with a friendly mouse-driven interface to draw, save, restore a 3D geometry, or import it from a previous input deck. Furthermore, it handles TRIPOLI-4 keywords, source description, simulation options, tallies, and so on.


SALOME TRIPOLI view of ASPIS benchmark.

Additionally, SALOME TRIPOLI has a dedicated CAD import capability, specifically developed for the LMJ Project. The import from CAD is made in two steps, with the GDML format from CERN (GDML format) as pivotal representation:

  • Construction of the GDML representation based on the building-tree information extracted from CAD.
  • Construction of the TRIPOLI-4 geometry based on the GDML representation.


LMJ building, GDML model viewed from SALOME TRIPOLI after CAD import.

Courtesy of P. Le Texier and F. Fauré (CEA CESTA).