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Characterization of 2DEG in AlGaN/GaN heterostructure by Hall effect

Published on 29 March 2018
Characterization of 2DEG in AlGaN/GaN heterostructure by Hall effect
Nifa I., Leroux C., Torres A., Charles M., Blachier D., Reimbold G., Ghibaudo G., Bano E.
Source-TitleMicroelectronic Engineering
Univ. Grenoble Alpes, Grenoble, France, CEA, LETI, MINATEC Campus, Grenoble, France, IMEP-LAHC, MINATEC/INPG, 3 Parvis Louis Néel, Grenoble, France
This paper presents a detailed characterization of 2D Electron Gas in AlGaN/AlN/GaN heterostructure by Hall Effect. For this purpose, we have developed a new experimental set-up to carry out Hall Effect measurements on an entire 200/300 mm wafer (rather than a small sample) using a new probe system including a permanent magnet. The measurement technique used in this work allows an accurate determination of the carrier concentration and mobility. One of the main issues of this experiment is the determination of the intensity of magnetic induction field (B) applied by the permanent magnet on the top side of the wafer. We first present our methodology for the determination of the magnetic field B. After the validation of the experimental set-up, the electrical characterization results for fully and partially processed GaN-on-Si wafers are presented. © 2017 Elsevier B.V.
2DEG, AlGaN/GaN, Electron density, Electron mobility, Hall effect
Carrier concentration, Characterization, Electron gas, Electron mobility, Gallium nitride, Hall effect, Magnets, Permanent magnets, Silicon wafers, Two dimensional electron gas, 2-D electron gas, AlGaN/gaN, AlGaN/GaN heterostructures, Electrical characterization, Experimental set up, Hall effect measurement, Magnetic induction field, Measurement techniques, Hall mobility

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