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 Biography of Michaël Tchagaspanian

Michaël Tchagaspanian became the Vice President Sales & Marketing of Leti in 2017.
He launched collaborative programs with industrial partners in field of smart sensing & imaging, embedded system and integrated circuit. He served as business development manager for integrated circuit and embedded systems Division.

During his previous 12 years at CEA,

He was the head of image sensor design team, dedicated to smart integrated circuit for imaging and display applications. Advanced algorithms were designed and integrated in circuit architecture for several applications (defense & security, smart home & building, medical).

During the previous 11 years at the semiconductor industry,

As Design Engineer Leader for ST Microelectronics and On Semiconductor,

He designed system on chip integrated circuits for Radio Frequency and Power management applications. He led strategic projects for automotive and mobile phone application.

Michael Tchagaspanian received the Engineering Degree ENSERG and the Master of Science Degree in Electronics Engineering from the Institute National Polytechnique de Grenoble INPG in 1994.

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Center : Grenoble / Leti
Expertise : VP Sales & Marketing