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Published on 9 July 2020

A generic toolbox for microfluidics and point-of-care diagnostics

   What is Flowpad?

FlowPad features disposable, credit card format microfluidic cartridges with fluidic channels designed to perform a selection of tests outside of a traditional lab environment. The integrated protocol can be complex by including all sample preparation steps — concentration, lysis, purification—as well as bio-analysis and detection procedures—qPCR, RPA, LAMP, etc. An instrument leverages a chip holder, a functional implementation system based on the microfluidic cartridge design—a valve, fluidic actuator, Peltier heater, magnet and pellet disruptor—and related software programs. Both instrument and microfluidic cartridges are custom-designed based on clinical or manufacturing requirements.


FlowPad finds applications in:

Human and veterinary medicine:
  • Sample preparation at the sampling point—peptide, SiRNA isolation
  • Point-of-care testing and diagnostics—bacteria, viruses, etc.
  • Companion diagnostic
  • Cell encapsulation—spheroids, cells, etc.
  • Microfactory of radiotracing or drugs

Environment and agribusiness and other industrial process monitoring:
  • Detection of bacteria and viruses
  • Assessment of Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear (CBRN) risks

   What's new?

CEA-Leti’s FlowPad technology opens a new path to the future of testing:
  • Tests in less than 2 hours: from raw biological sample to results
  • Versatile, easy-to-use toolbox
  • Compatible with multiple complex protocols—biological, chemical, etc.—and materials—silicon, glass, COC, polymers, etc.
  • Reduces development and prototyping time
  • Easily scalable for high-volume production at low-cost.
Leti has perfected cartridge design and small-scale production.

FlowPad’s Microfluidic cartridge:
  • are user-friendly features plug-and-play fluidic connections with easy and efficient flow control
  • operates with valves and a pump integrated into the cartridge
  • are compatible with injection molding

  What's next?

CEA-Leti is currently working in scaling to high-volume manufacturing both the cartridge and the instrument with industrial partners. New application: microARN detection from blood.


 5 fluidic connection patents filed

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