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Hybrid Bonding


Published on 4 September 2023

Next generation hybrid bonding​

An enabling technology for new architectures​

For more than 10 years, CEA-Leti has participated in the public-private French Nanoelec ecosystem, which represents 22 core partners. To deliver advanced packaging and die-to-wafer hybrid bonding, CEA-Leti partners with equipment manufacturers (SET, EVG, etc.) and adapts specific die-to-wafer processes from pick and place technology to self-assembly for improved throughput and alignment accuracy.

Tech highlights:
  • Mastery of surface cleanliness and control of nanotopography
  • Die size: 1 × 1 mm² to 10 × 10 mm²
  • Inter-die spacing: down to 40 μm inter-die spacing
  • Interconnection pitches: from 10 μm to less than 5 μm
  • Electrical yield: more than 90% electrical yield​

What's new?

CEA-Leti offers 3D integration with improved functions and performance thanks to several technical advances:
  • ​Various circuits (top-die​ & bottom-die) can now be hybrid bonded to improve interconnection and reduce pitches 
  • Top-die circuits can be joined to a substrate using TSVs to connect signals and the power supply
  • Heterogeneous bonding techniques enable the combination of various new substrates 

CEA-Leti is also working on new integration technologies such as self-assembly. This advance enables higher alignment performance (+/- 200 nm) and increased throughput (thousands dies/h).​

How do we work together?

CEA-Leti’s advanced platforms enable partners to:
  • ​Develop process modules that are too disruptive for existing fabs
  • Facilitate mass manufacturing for specific designs that are optimized at the research level but not yet compatible with large-scale operations
  • Co-create new functions for a given application

What’s next?

  • Reduced pitch interconnection 
  • Reduced temperature 
  • Multi-stack die-to-wafer processes 
  • Industrial transfer​

CEA-Leti's Hybrid Bonding video​​​


• Chiplet integration for HPC (high performance computing), edge IA or optical computing​

• Future memory​

• Photonic devices​

• Imagers​

• Lighting​

• Displays

• Radio frequency​

Key facts

Technological advances supported by cutting-edge research with: 

• An Outstanding Interactive Presentation Paper (ECTC 2022) 

• Papers published in ECTC 2022 and ESTC 2022 

• Seven papers presented to ECTC 2023 

• A cover story by Chip Scale Review (Oct. 2022)

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