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Published on 30 May 2023


Improved sorting of plastic, metal and glass at waste collection sites​

SmartSort offers a characterization solution for plastic, metal and glass waste that uses very high frequency radar waves and a learning system based on artificial intelligence. 

Installed on the containers at various waste drop-off sites, SmartSort is embedded in the Cliiink® recycling incentive system developed by Terradona. Users who sort their waste correctly receive points that can be converted into vouchers to make purchases from local merchants.​​

What's new?​

  • On-the-fly waste characterization and differentiation 
  • a technology that can be adapted to new materials by detecting their electromagnetic signature and using adaptive AI algorithms 
  • a robust system that can handle waste sorting environments: shocks, bad weather conditions, etc 
  • easy to install 
  • battery operated with an autonomy of six to twelve months 
  • material recognition rate close to 90%, even when dirty a target recognition rate of 95% thanks to the learning process 
  • can easily interface with applications to incentivize sorting​

What's next?

  • Currently being integrated by Terradona, our industrial partner, with a dedicated low-power radar card and an automatic database for waste recognition training as well as improvements to the AI algorithms. 
  • CEA has tested and adapted the technology to go beyond waste sorting in order for it to be used with other materials and fields of application.


This technology covers various forms of waste sorting, including: 

• voluntary drop-off points 

• public and private waste disposal solutions 

• waste reprocessing plants

in this technology?​