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PIC Packaging

​​​High performance packaging

towards industrial photonic integrated circuits​​

Published on 3 November 2023



PIC Packaging​​​​

High performance packaging towards industrial photonic integrated circuits​

CEA-Leti offers a full set of processes enabling high performance packaging of Photonic Integrated Circuits (PIC). This offer includes:

  • Multiple fiber pigtailing l​​everaging state-of-the-art assembly equipment
  • ​Flip-chip interconnect of the PIC to an Electronic IC (e.g. driver, TIA.); copper pillars or Under Bump Metallization are post-process​ed on PIC wafers before assembly
  • Wire bonding—wedge, ball, or ribbon for RF applications
  • Chip-to-package or chip-to-board assembly
  • Microoptics assembly (including self aligned processes)
  • Photonic Interposer with embedded TSV-mid or TSV-last

The above techniques help package pre-industrial PICs and have them qualified in system environments. The packaged modules are then tested up to 64 Gbps with state-of-the-art testing & measurement tools.​

How does CEA-Leti’s packaging stand out?

CEA-Leti offers a unique integration chain from die to system, including testing and packaging. Our packaging offer leverages all the up-to-date wafer level or die level assembling and all back-end technologies developed at CEA-Leti for years: bumps, copper pillar, micro-tubes, direct die bonding or wafer bonding.

What’s next?​​

For next generation devices (on-board transceivers, photonic interposers), CEA-Leti is currently developing new building blocks:​​

  • Photonic Interposer based HPC architectures (optical network on chip)
  • Greyscale lithography optical coupling structures
  • Direct laser-PIC passive coupling​​

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CEA-Leti packaging technologies have been applied to fiber optic modules targeting the following applications:​

  • Fiber Interconnects (FTTH,Inter Data Center, Intra Data Center)
  • identification de nouvelles cibles thérapeutiques ;
  • Silicon Photonics based LIDARs
  • Quantum computing PICs
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