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Aryballe technologies to exibit at CES Unveiled Paris

Published on 29 November 2018

Aryballe technologies to exibit at CES unveiled Paris

Leti is moving ahead of CES 2019, Las Vegas, starting at CES Unveiled Paris on October 3rd! 
 Aryballe Technologies, a Leti startup will exhibit during the Parisian show.

The event, which will bring together nearly 80 French technology companies, will present the latest technologies available and major trends from leading industrial experts.

Aryballe technologies

Pioneering the digital olfaction technology, Aryballe develops bio-inspired odor sensors enabling groundbreaking applications for the food, home appliance, automotive and cosmetics. As a stand-alone or integrated into third-party equipment, Aryballe’s sensors detect and identify hundreds of odors. For the first time, a digital nose can mimic the human olfactory experience in just a few seconds!

CES 2019: Leti will be in Las Vegas from January 8 to 11!