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Published on 6 December 2018


E-mobility: Lighter, more compact batteries... faster charging


While the market for electric transportation is growing fast, batteries are still a serious impediment. At the moment, for example, if just one cell stops working, the whole battery pack fails, leading to a sudden e-vehicle breakdown, and battery disposal. 

Leti's switched-cell technology revolutionizes the world of batteries, making them lighter, more durable and less bulky. Demonstrated at CES 2019, SIGMA CELLS facilitates the use of embedded electronics.


SIGMA CELLS is Leti's new smart-cell technology. If a battery cell is about to fail, SIGMA CELLS activates the 'best' cells to avoid a breakdown. SIGMA CELLS is also the world's first three-in-one battery solution."

Philippe Despesse, Leti's power solutions manager 

What is the three-in-one battery solution?

CEA-Leti has designed a compact, lightweight solution that acts as an inverter, a charger and a battery-management system."

On the consumer side, how will SIGMA CELLS revolutionize e-mobility?

"This three-in-one solution makes it possible to charge an electric vehicle directly and more quickly from any socket. Not to mention a quiet engine, and space saving in the car, because SIGMA CELLS batteries are more compact. The technology also increases vehicle autonomy, while providing a reliable indicator of the battery's charge status for total peace of mind while driving."

Additional features

  • Fast charging at no extra cost (> 20%)
  • Increased range: 20%
  • Increased lifespan: 15%
  • Reduction in switching losses: divided by 100
  • Reduction in cooling requirements
  • Halving of SoC and SoH estimation errors

Good electromagnetic compatibility 

Want to know more about the technology and its strengths in responding to the challenges of e-mobility?

Meet Philippe Despesse at CEA Tech Village

CES 2019: Leti will be in Las Vegas from January 8 to 11!