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CEA @2023 Courchevel Méribel Alpine Ski World Championships

From 2/5/2023 to 2/19/2023

CEA tests mountain innovations at the 2023 Courchevel Méribel Alpine Ski World Championships

Based in the middle of the Alps, CEA Grenoble offers natural responses to the issues and challenges of Alpine stakeholders of tomorrow. A booth dedicated to innovation in Courchevel will be held from February 5-19th. Visitors will have a chance to discover 3 technologies: 

Smart Ski Experience
Launched in 2016, the Smart Ski Experience project involves exploring a new connected ski technology that will offer snow sport enthusiasts an unprecedented ski experience. It is the first battery-free connected device for improving ski techniques and controlling the lifespan of one's skis while having fun. Early experiments rely on an independent sensor on the skis that communicates with a smartphone, which, for example, will display impact in curves, or the frequency and speed of execution in turns. 

Project partners: Rossignol, Lumiplan, CEA, with financial backing from the Auvergne Rhône-Alpes region. 

Come visit our innovation booth to test the device under real conditions!

Rescue Drone: Smartphone location technology for mountain rescue

Developed at CEA-Leti, RESCUE DRONE technology provides an additional tool to help mountain rescuers locate avalanche victims. As a drone flies over a given search area, it can locate a smartphone using the third dimension. Based on an antenna specifically designed to estimate the precise direction of arrival of a radio signal, it can be deployed outside a mobile network coverage. In snowy environments, this solution aims to supplement existing resources (such as RECCO, avalanche rescue dogs, or sensors) for locating victims not equipped with an avalanche transceiver.

ActiveLook by Microoled 
Augmented Reality (AR) informative sport goggles. This architecture combines a high-luminance OLED micro-display, an optical system enhanced to provide see-through vision, and Bluetooth Electronic architecture with a high level of autonomy in a comprehensive, light, compact system designed for sports use.

Discover CEA-Leti's demos at the Spectator Village - Innovation corner

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