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From 9/19/2022 to 9/22/2022
Milan, Italy

ESSCIRC-ESSDERC is the most important and prestigious scientific conference on integrated circuits design and technology of in Europe. 600+ participants are expected (industry and academia) + students (electrical engineering, microelectronics, etc.) from all around the world. 

CEA-Leti will present 5 papers on memories and Edge AI thematics. 

  • 20 sept 11:10-12:50 - Session Synaptic Devices A3-L6 :"Interplay Between Charge Trapping and Polarization Switching in MFDM Stacks Evidenced by Frequency-Dependent Measurements"; Justine Barbot, Jean Coignus, Nicolas Vaxelaire, Catherine Carabasse, Olivier Glorieux, Messaoud Bedjaoui, François Aussenac, François Andrieu, Francois Triozon, Laurent Grenouillet

  • 20 sept 11:10-12:50 - Session Memory Devices A5-L4 : "Frequency Modulation of Conductance Level in PCM Device for Neuromorphic Applications"; Ahmed Trabelsi, Carlo Cagli, Tifenn Hirtzlin, Olga Cueto, Marie-Claire Cyrille, Elisa Vianello, Valentina Meli, Veronique Sousa, Guillaume Bourgeois, François Andrieu

  • 20 sept 14:30-16:10 - Session Memory Devices A5-L4 :"TiTe/Ge2Sb2Te5 Bi-Layer-Based Phase-Change Memory Targeting Storage Class Memory"; Giusy Lama, Mathieu Bernard, Julien Garrione, Nicolas Bernier, Niccolo Castellani, Guillaume Bourgeois, Marie-Claire Cyrille, François Andrieu, Gabriele Navarro

  • 20 sept 14:30-16:10 - Session Memory Devices A5-L4 : "Multilayer Structure in SeAsGeSi-Based OTS for High Thermal Stability and Reliability Enhancement"; Camille Laguna, Mathieu Bernard, Julien Garrione, Niccolo Castellani, Valentina Meli, Simon Martin, François Aussenac, Denis Rouchon, Névine Rochat, Emmanuel Nolot, Guillaume Bourgeois, Marie-Claire Cyrille, Liviu Militaru, Abdelkader Souifi, François Andrieu, Gabriele Navarro

  • 20 sept 14:30-16:10 - Session Memory Devices A5-L4 : "Enhanced Thermal Confinement in Phase-Change Memory Targeting Current Reduction" Clement De Camaret, Guillaume Bourgeois, Olga Cueto, Valentina Meli, Simon Martin, Dominique Despois, Virginie Beugin, Niccolo Castellani, Marie-Claire Cyrille, François Andrieu, Julien Arcamone, Yannick Le-Friec, Gabriele Navarro

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