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Virtual educational event - ESSDERC-ESSCIRC

From 9/7/2020 to 10/1/2020
Virtual Event

ESSDERC: 50th European solid-state device research conference

ESSCIRC: 46th European solid-state circuits' conference

CEA-Leti, STMicrelectronics, UGA, Grenoble INP and Soitec are very proud to organise the 50th anniversary of the ESSDERC - ESSCIRC conference in Grenoble on the Minatec site, completed by the large amphitheater of Phelma from 14 to 18 September 2020.

ESSDERC - ESSCIRC, is the major European scientific conference in the field of microelectronics, offering presentations and discussions on recent advances in semiconductor devices and circuits. This conference brings together more than 600 students, researchers, experts, R&D engineers and technical directors from around the world with both industrial and academic profiles.
The level of integration for systems-on-chip design is increasing rapidly. Thus, more than ever, interaction between technicians, experts and designers of integrated systems and circuits is necessary.
Unfortunately, faced with the global pandemic situation, the ESSDERC 2020 Grenoble organizing committee and the ESSCIRC-ESSDERC steering committee decided to propose a new format for the conference.

>> The face to face conference has been postponed to the tentative dates of September 6 to 9, 2021.

>> A new virtual educational event is being prepared from September 7, 2020 to October 16, 2020

13 educational sessions consisting of workshops and tutorials



Quantum Computing: Myth or Reality? 
Maud Vinet (CEA-Leti) and Farhana Sheikh (Intel)
Emerging Solutions for Imaging Devices, Circuits and Systems
Matteo Perenzoni (FBK) and Albert Theuwissen (Harvest Imaging)
​Non-Volatile Memories: Opportunities and Challenges from Devices to Systems
Gabriel Molas (CEA-Leti) and Mahmut Sinangil (TSMC)
New 5G integration solutions, and related technologies (from materials to system)
Nadine Collaert (imec) and Stefan G. Andersson (Ericsson)
WORKSHOP | Advances in device technologies for automotive industry (power devices, SiC, GaN)
Ionut Radu (Soitec) and Stefaan Decoutere (imec)
WORKSHOP | Embedded monitoring and compensation design for energy or safety constrained applications
Sylvain Clerc (STMicrolectronics) and Keith Bowman (Qualcomm)
Edge AI and In-Memory-Computing for energy efficient AIoT solutions​ 
Andreas Burg (EPFL) and Marian Verhelst (KU Leuven)
Ab-initio simulations supporting new materials & process developments
Denis Rideau (STMicrolectronics) and Philippe Blaise (Silvaco)
RISC-V cooking session 
Borivoje Nikolic (University of California, Berkeley)
Toward sustainable IOT from rare materials to big data 
Thierry Baron (CEA, LTM/UGA) and Audrey Dieudonné (UGA)
High Density 3D CMOS Mixed-Signal Opportunities
Philipp Häfliger (UiO University of Oslo)
Compact/SPICE Modeling and its Verilog-A Standardization 
Wladek Grabinski (MOS-AK) and Daniel Tomaszewski (ITE Warsaw)
​IPCEI on Microelectronics
Innovative Technologies for Shaping the Future
​Dominique Thomas (STMicroelectronics), Klaus Pressel (Infineon), Rainer Pforr (Zeiss)

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Practical information

Conference: Provisional dates from September 6 to 9, 2021 in Grenoble, Minatec

Submission of articles for April 19, 2021

Virtual educational event: : from September 7, 2020 to October, 16 2020

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