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From 4/2/2022 to 4/7/2022
Excel London Exhibition & Conference Centre

EuMW (European Microwave Week) is  the most important conference on millimeter and radio frequency communications in Europe, after IMS RFIC in the USA in June.

  • CEA-Leti organize a workshop in which we present our plastic fiber communication technology.

  • We are present in the plastic guide section, where we present our innovative 56 Gbits/s circuit.

  • Don't miss CEA-Leti's booth 91 during EUMW 2022 to discover our P-Link demonstrator

CEA-Leti scientists will also present papers:

Highly rugged 39 GHz 19.3 dBm Power Amplifier for 5G Applica­tions in 45nm SOI Technology
​Alice Bossuet et al.
Wideband High-Gain Transmitar­ray Antenna for Point-to-Point Communications at 300 GHz
Orestis Koutsos et al.
A 56.32 Gb/s 16-QAM link over dielectric fiber using a D-band channel bonding transceiver
​José-Luis Gonzalez Jimenez et al.
Access Modelling-based De-embedding Method for High-frequency Characterization of Uni-traveling carrier Photodiodes
Djeber Guendouz et al.
Ultra-broadband SIW Diplexer on low-cost Laminate Technology for Channel Bonding D-band Front Ends
Abdelaziz Hamani et al.
​A 84.48 gb/s CMOS D-band multi-channel tx system-in-package
A. Hamani
​A Solid state process for 6G challenges 
​D. Belot 
​Si and SOI CMOS technologies for millimeter wave wireless applications
​B. Martineau
​High-power soi-cmos pa module with fan-out wafer-level packaging for 2.4 ghz wi-fi 6 applications
​Design and Integration of Multiband High Efficiency Linear PA Module for 5G
​Novel rf spectrum monitoring architecture for an ultra-low-power wi-fi geopositioning system
​Power Amplifier for 5G Applications in SOI 45nm Technology

Practical information

Contact CEA-Leti: Didier Belot


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