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EuroPAT 2023

From 9/6/2023 to 9/7/2023
Noviotech Campus, Netherlands

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The European Packaging, Assembly, and Test - Workshop 2023 aims to foster collaboration between semiconductor packaging, assembly, test and design experts across the semiconductor packaging supply chain, to collectively strengthen the semiconductor packaging ecosystem in Europe.​

  • CEA-Leti is a Lanyard Sponsor of the event.

  • Come and discuss with Jean Charles-Souriau the CEA-Leti expert on semiconductor packaging​

CEA-Leti is member of the SEMI integrated Packaging, Assembly, and Testing (SiPAT) Technology Community's which goal is to promote the sustainable development of the Semiconductor Packaging, Assembly, and Test industry in Europe.

CEA-LETI is focusing on achieving high levels of heterogeneous integration of technologies and components on a host silicon wafer through high-density interconnections (fine pitch) to meet requirements of HPC/edge-AI chiplets, optical computing, displays and imagers. It offers a wide range of advanced, complementary technologies such as Wafer Level Heterogeneous Integration, 3D Packaging, Chiplets interconnect on Si interposer, Hybrid Bonding, FanOut WLP and Flexible Packaging.​

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