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CEA-Leti @ECTC 2023

From 5/31/2023 to 6/2/2023
JW Marriott Orlando Grande Lakes, Florida

​Join ECTC, the premier international conference on microelectronic packaging, components, and systems technology from May 30 - June 2, in JW Mariott Hotel, Orlando, Florida.

📍 Find CEA-Leti at booth 234 during the event 

​CEA-Leti's experts will be at booth 234 to discuss the institute latest 3D and packaging achievements for power electronics, high performance computing, RF and imagers applications.  Recent works on LiDARs, high density TSV for 3-layers CMOS image sensors and self-assembly will be presented. Several demonstrators will be shown:

  • Wafer : Hybrid bonding die-to-wafer
  • Intact
  • Tinker
  • Mikado
  • Chip-In-Flex
  • Power module​

Don't miss Stéphane Bernabé, invited speaker on his special session :

« Photonic Integrated Circuit Packaging: Challenges, Pathfinding, and Technology Adoption »

👉 Session: “Photonics Packaging" 

⌚May 30, 1:30 p.m. – 3:00 p.m.

CEA-Leti's searchers will present 8 papers and Aurélia Plihon will be given the Outstanding Interactive Presentation Paper award for her presentation on Scalable Through Molding Interconnection realization for advances Fan Out Wafer Level Packaging applications. Congratulations!

​Time & Place



May 31​

​Session 1: Heterogeneous Chiplet Integration

Location: Palazzo D
​Process Integration of Photonic Interposer for Chiplet-Based 3D Systems
​D. Saint-Patrice, S. Malhouitre, M. Assous, T. Pellerin, R. Velard, L. Virot, E. Deschaseaux, M.L Calvo-Munoz, K. Hassan, S. Bernabé, J. Charbonnier, Y. Thonnart
Session 3:  Advancements in Copper/Silicon-Oxide Hybrid Bonding

Location: Mediterranean 2 & 3
​Demonstration of a Wafer Level Face-To-Back (F2B) Fine Pitch Cu-Cu Hybrid Bonding With High Density TSV for 3D Integration Applications
​Jerzy-Javier SUAREZ-BERRU, Stéphane NICOLAS, Nicolas BRESSON, Myriam ASSOUS, Stepan BOREL, 

​Session 6: Co-packaged Optical Assembly

Location: Mediterranean 7 & 8

Advanced 3D Integration TSV and Flip Chip Technologies for Cost-Effective and Miniaturized Packaging of a 256 Channels Optical-Phased Array Based Beam Steering System Designed for Automotive LiDARs​

T. Mourier, N. Miloud-Ali, N. Raphoz*, Y. Sahouane, P. Peray, D. Saint Patrice, E. Deschaseaux, F. Simoens  ​

​June 1

​Session 23: Next Generation Quantum, AI, and Secure System Design

Location: Mediterranean 6
​Characterizations of Indium Interconnects for 3D Quantum Assemblies
​Céline Feautrier, Edouard Deschaseaux, Alain Gueugnot, Jean Charbonnier, Frédéric Gustavo, Aurélia Plihon,  Vivien Thiney, Ludovic Dupré, Franck Henry, Frédéric Berger, Antoine Pagot, Sébastien Renet, Olivier Mailliart, Candice Thomas

​June 2

​Session 28: Process Enhancements in 3D, FOWLP, and TSV Technologies

Location: Mediterranean 1
​Recent Progress in the Development of High-Density TSV for 3-Layers CMOS Image Sensors
​Stéphan BOREL, Myriam ASSOUS, Stéphane MOREAU, Rémi VELARD

​Session 33: Advances in RDL, Via, and TSV Technologies for Chiplet Integration

Location: Mediterranean 2 & 3

3D Silicon Interposer for Terabit/s Transcievers Based on High-Speed TSVs
​Bogdan Sirbu, Kai Zoschke, Ukyo Suzuki, Quentin Wilmart, Tolga Tekin
​Session 34: Bonding Assembly - Novel Packaging, Process, and Characterization

Location: Mediterranean 1
​Integration and Process Challenges of Self-Assembly Applied to Die-to-Wafer Hybrid Bonding
​Emilie Bourjot, Alice Bond, Noura Nadi, Thierry Enot, Loïc Sanchez, Pierre Montmeat, Benoit Martin, Alain Campo, Franck Fournel, Feras Eid, Johanna Swan

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Program & Registration :

When ?

  • May 30 - June 2, 2023

Where ?
  • JW Marriott Orlando, Grande Lakes, Florida

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