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Leti Workshop - Photonic Division@Taiwan

From 6/4/2019 to 6/4/2019

​On June 4th 2019, Leti Optics & Photonics Division organized its first Workshop in Taiwan on Silicon Photonics and MicroLED displays, thanks to our partners PIDA (Photonics Industry & Technology Development Association) and MENTOR.

It was a great opportunity for our team to introduce Leti latest R&D developments to Taiwanese industrials and academic partners, fostering new collaboration opportunities. 

Many questions raised during the Workshop showed common interest to continue the discussions so in case you have any question please send an email to: Eléonore Hardy

​Download presentations

>​Challenges & Solutions for Silicon Photonics and Advanced MicroLED Displays - 7895Ko
​>Photonics Integrated Circuits for Communications and Beyond - 4389Ko
​>Silicon Photonic: PDK and EDA Tools - 2094Ko
>​Evolution of EDA from Electronics to Photonics - 4953Ko
​>A versatile silicon Photonics Plateform with Advanced Components - 4233Ko
​>Challenges and Solutions for Advanced Microled Displays - 5577Ko

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