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Leti@IMS 2017

From 6/4/2017 to 6/9/2017
Honolulu, Hawaii

​Join Leti at IEEE Microwave Theory and Techniques Societyʼs 2017 International Microwave Symposium (IMS) in June 4-9, Honolulu (Hawaii Convention Center). 

Leti will present two demonstrators at booth #1937 

  • Foxy: a single-chip Sub-GHz transceiver that connects Things to the Sigfox network, anywhere in the world. Specifically designed for the Internet of Things, Foxy enables both marginal cost, event-based, massive IoT applications and complex IoT scenarios which require aggressive node lifetimes. Foxy can build tomorrow’s millions-of-Things applications including predictive maintenance and asset management. 

  • G-Link: a low-power wireless connection that enables instantaneous transfer of gigabits of data between two devices a few centimeters apart. This ultra-high-speed wireless connection between two mobile devices allows to share HD videos, between a movie camera and a video display, between a kiosk and a tablet to download HD videos, etc. Details here. 

  • Transmit Array: Discover Leti’s Transmitarrays solution. Transmitarrays are an excellent solution in the development of new generation, smart, high-performance telecommunication, radar and imaging systems. Transmitarrays are high-gain antenna systems implementing multilayer printed circuit technology. They enable cost-effective, robust, reliable, and ultra-competitive solutions for high volume applications in the 10 – 300 GHz frequency range. 

Leti will also present its latest R&D results: 

  • Date: Wed. 7 June, 8 :00 – 9 :40 
  • Session: WE1B, Transmission Lines and Transitions
  • Location : Hawaii Convention Center, 313A
  • Title: WE1B-5, “Broadband 55–95 GHz Microstrip to Waveguide Transition Based on a Dielectric Tip and a Tapered Double-Ridged Waveguide Section”, Florian Voineau (ST / Leti / IMS Bordeaux), Anthony Ghiotto (IMS Bordeaux), Eric kerhervé (IMS Bordeaux),Mathilde Sié (ST), Baudouin Martineau (Leti)

  • Date: Thu. 8 June, 13:30 - 15:10
  • Session: TH3F, Millimeter-Wave and Terahertz CMOS Circuit Techniques
  • Location: Hawaii Convention Center, 315
  • Title: TH3F-2, “A Highly Linear Bidirectional Phase Shifter Based on Vector Modulator for 60 GHz Applications”, Frederic hameau, Aurelien Larie, Baudouin Martineau, Clement Jany, Eric Mercier.
  • Presenter: Frédéric Hameau

Practical information

Booth #1937, Hawaii Convention Center, Honolulu 

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