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From 5/28/2019 to 5/31/2019
Las Vegas, NV, USA.

​Join ECTC, the premier international conference on microelectronic packaging, components, and systems technology from May 28 -31, in Las Vegas, Cosmopolitan Hotel.

Join Leti at booth 215 to discuss the institute latest 3D and packaging achievements for power electronics, high performance computing, RF and imagers applications.  Recent work on flex, thermal management, 3DIC and bonding will also be presented.

If you've missed the CES 2019 show, Leti will bring for the last time this year in Vegas its latest demonstration featuring a curved image sensor. 

CEA-Leti will present 10 papers and 1 poster:

  1. Advanced substrates for GaN-based HEMTs devices (Anthony Cibié) – Session 4, Wednesday 29th, 10:25am.

  2. Thermal and mechanical simulations for Fan Out Wafer-Level Packaging technology: introduction of a "solder heatsink"  Session 33, Friday 31th, 3:55pm.

  3. Active interposer technology for chiplet-based advanced 3D system architectures  Session 13, Thursday 30th, 8:00am.

  4. Ultra-Wide Micro bumps interconnection matrix for particle detection: process and assembly  Session 35, Friday 31th, 3:30pm.

  5. Highly Compact RF Transceiver Module using High Resistive Silicon Interposer with Embedded Inductors and Heterogeneous Dies Integration  Session 28,Friday 31th, 8:25am.

  6. Wafer level integration of thin silicon bare dies within flexible label  Session 34, Friday 31th, 3:30pm.

  7. RF inductors integrated in organic packaging  Session 36, Friday 31th, 4:20pm.

  8. Characterization of fine pitch Hybrid Bonding pads using electrical misalignment test vehicle  Interactive session

  9. Collective curved CMOS sensor process: application for high resolution optical design and assembly challenges  Session 12, Wednesday 29th, 2:20pm.

  10. Self-Assembly process for 3D Die-to-Wafer using direct bonding: A step forward toward process automation  Session 5, Wednesday 29th, 10:50am.

  11. Ultrathin glass to ultrathin glass bonding using Laser sealing approach  Session 22, Thursday 30th, 1:55pm.

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When ?

  • May 28-31, 2019.

Where ?
  • Las Vegas, Cosmopolitan Hotel, Nevada, USA.

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