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From 5/23/2017 to 5/25/2017
Los Angeles, USA

Join Leti's team at the annual Display Week Exhibition in Los Angeles from May 23-25, booth #1315.  The institute will present 3 demonstrators this year, including the first 10 µm video microdisplay and various other new technologies, including for the automotive industry. 

First active-matrix WVGA GaN microdisplay with 10 μm pixel pitch

For more than 30 years, the French institute has pioneered various technologies now used in consumer products. To name a few, the institute pioneered the very first efficient large field of view  vertically aligned liquid crystal back in the 80's, a technology now available in our TVs; as well as the full color Field effect display (FED) in the 90's.

Today, Leti is a major player in microdisplays with advanced OLED and microLED GaN technologies.  At SID Display 2017, Leti will introduce three demonstrators:

  • Motion GaN: the first video microdisplay that provides the highest pixel resolution with the smallest (10 µm) pixel pitch ever. An important step for augmented reality applications (glasses, heap-up displays, projectors etc.)

  • HoloLike: a head-up projection display enabling augmented reality on transparent surfaces in a bright environment, such as car windshields or shop windows.  

  • 2DLight: a novel compact GaN LED source enabling dynamic spatial control of light towards high resolution and bright illumination.  Depending on design of the LED array, this versatile technology can be used for the automotive sector, including for glare-free headlamps, smart general lighting or informative lighting (displaying information by dynamic control of contrast).

Leti researchers will also share their latest R&D results, including a novel approach for fabricating LED-based microdisplays for high brightness and ultra-high-resolution requirements in next-generation augmented-reality systems.


Attend Leti's presentations:

  • Invited Paper: "A Novel Process for Fabricating High-Resolution and Very Small Pixel-pitch GaN LED Microdisplays", Francois Templier et al., Session 19/ Tuesday, May 23, 2017  5:10 pm / Room 502A

  • Contributed Paper: "Investigation and improvement of 10-µm Pixel-Pitch GaN-Based Micro-LED Arrays with Very High Brightness" ; François Oliver et al., Wednesday, May 24, 2017 / 9:00 - 10:20 am / Room 515B
  • Poster: "Study of Electrical Probing through Thin-Film Encapsulation of Al2O3 Films Deposited by Low-Temperature ALD onto Different Metallic Underlayers", Tony Maindron et al., Thursday, May 25 / 5:00 – 8 pm / Petree Hall

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Annual Display Week Exhibition in Los Angeles from May 23-25, booth #1315

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