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World bio material congress

From 12/11/2020 to 12/15/2020
Digital Event

  • WBC 2020 Virtual will Include access to presentations (live and pre-recorded) from world leaders and experts, including industry symposia and ePoster presentations; available on-demand for up to three months after the congress.
  • There will be a parallel virtual exhibition where you can meet industry partners, browse products and set up meetings completing the full congress experience

Eight selected papiers 

​Papers and Posters

Paper 1 

Evaluation in Healthy Subjects of a Transcutaneous Carbon Dioxide Monitoring Wristband during Hypo and Hypercapnia Conditions

Pierre Grangeat, Senior Member, IEEE, Sadok Gharbi, Anne Koenig, Maria-Paula Comșa, Marc Accensi, Henri Grateau, Abdallah Ghaith, Samarmar Chacaroun, Stéphane Doutreleau, Samuel Vergès

Paper 2 

Unannounced Meal Detection for Artificial Pancreas Systems Using Extended Isolation Forest

Fei Zheng, Stéphane Bonnet, Emma Villeneuve, Maeva Doron, Aurore Lepecq and Florence Forbes

​Paper 3 

Multiparametric (bio)sensing platform for biomaterials risk evaluation during cell culture

Ayman Chmayssema, Karen Monsalvea, Nicolas Verplancka, Véronique Mouriera, Céline Mullerb, Julien Barthesb, Nihal Engin Vranad, Pascal Mailley

​Paper 4 

Hyaluronic acid-based hydrogels for the prevention of glioblastoma recurrence

Isabelle Texier, Antoine Hoang, Audrey Le Naour, Christophe Gaude, Sakthivel Nagarajan, Megan Smyth, Denis Marriolle, Claire Verplanck, David Ratel, Séverine Vignoud

​Paper 5 

Electrospinning of hyaluronic acid: towards a new material to improve wound healing?

Séverine Vignoud , Morgane Séon-Lutz , Anne-Claude Couffin, Anne Hébraud and Guy Schlatter 

Paper 6 

Multiparametric (bio)sensing platform for biomaterials risk evaluation during cell culture

Pascal Mailley, Ayman Chmayssem*, Karen Monsalve, Nicolas Verplanck, Véronique Mourier

Papier 7 

BIONICs: Charge transport in  amyloid fibers  

S. Usmani, J. Champavert, J. Hurtaud, A.I. Eddiza, O. Constantin, C. Mathevon, P. Rannou, V. Forge

Poster 1 

Cell specific matrix metalloprotease, a guide to direct cell shape and proliferation in photo polymerized polysaccharide hydrogels

S. Nagarajan and I. Texier-Nogues

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