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Fibromyalgia: A wristband that soothes chronic pain by stimulating endorphins

According to a study conducted by the Institute for Health and Medical Research (Inserm), 1.6% of the population suffers from chronic fibromyalgia pain, which can considerably alter the quality of life. By combining medical research and advanced micro-nanotechnologies, the startup Remedee Labs has designed the first endorphin stimulator for individual use, with the aim of providing an answer to patients' chronic pain. 

Published on 10 June 2022

​Remedee Labs offers a safe, effective and affordable endorphin stimulation solution. The latter, approved by clinical trials since 2018, provides a solution for various therapeutic applications. "This wristband will enable the precise delivery of a painkiller for pathologies that have no effective treatment, such as fibromyalgia, migraine or even osteoarthritis," says Jacques Husser, founder of Remedee Labs. 

Today, the startup accelerates its development and offers its first medical wristband - Remedee Well. Using low-energy, high-frequency electromagnetic waves, the device stimulates the patient's nervous system and enables the release of endorphins, based on its MicroElectronic Endorphin Trigger (MEET) module. The miniaturized Remedee Well technology is integrated into very small, portable medical devices that can be used anytime, anywhere for rapid pain relief. 

Remedee Labs at a glance:

  • Startup: Spun out of CEA-Leti in 2016, and founded by Jacques Husser, David Crouzier and Michael Foerster, experts in medical research and micro-nanotechnologies.

  • Business: Remedee Labs combines medical research, cutting-edge technology and digital solutions to support millions of people with chronic pain. The team has 30 employees.

  • Solution: To improve the lives of people with chronic pain, Remedee Labs offers an endorphin stimulating wristband.

  • A look to the future: The startup plans to raise funds in 2022 to develop a direct service platform for patients, and to pursue research into the treatment of new diseases.

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