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Leti joins GLOBALFOUNDERIES FDXcelerator ecosystem

​FDXcelerator ecosystem will facilitate 22FDXTM system-on-chip (SoC) design and reduce time-to-market for its customers.

Published on 8 September 2016

Leti joins FDXcelerator, a worldwide FD-SOI ecosystem leveraging Globalfounderies's 22FDXTM technology, enabling a lower cost migration path for customers with advanced node design needs requiring performance on demand. Customers will be able to build innovative 22FDX SoC solutions as well as ease migration to FD-SOI from bulk nodes such as 40nm and 28nm.

GLOBALFOUNDRIES FDXcelerator partners includes semiconductor industry leaders such as Synopsys, Cadence, INVECAS, Verisilicon, and Encore Semiconductor. GLOBALFOUNDRIES FDXcelerator positions Leti to help a broad range of designers utilize FD-SOI technologies significant strengths in ultra-low-power design, giving customers increased access to our respective technologies.

The FDXcelerator Partner Program creates an open framework to allow selected Partners to integrate their products or services into a validated, plug and play catalog of design solutions. This level of integration allows customers to create high performance designs while minimizing development costs through access to a broad set of quality offerings, specific to 22FDX technology. The Partner ecosystem positions members and customers to take advantage of the broad adoption and accelerating growth of the FDX market.

Additional FDXcelerator members will be announced in the following months.

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