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Leti honored with ‘Best Paper Award’ at ESTC

​Leti's industry and academic peers recognized its outstanding work on advanced optoelectronic systems during a premiere microelectronic packaging event in Grenoble.

Published on 21 September 2016
During the 6th Electronics System-integration Technology Conference (ESTC), global experts unveiled their latest microelectronic packaging solutions. This major 2016 European event brought together more than 450 people, including world-class researchers. Leti presented nine papers.

The paper that brought home the Best Paper Award presented Leti's development of new optoelectronic modules based on silicon photonic integrated circuits. It addresses the growing demand for bandwidth in datacom optical links and faster and more energy-efficient high-performance computers. Titled "Packaging of high speed 100 Gbps silicon photonic photoreceiver module using 50 μm pitch microbump Flip-Chip and Chip-On-Board approach", the paper is the result of a collaborative work, involving nine researchers from Leti and one researcher from ST Microelectronic.

Whether to improve LED packaging solutions with a new technique involving a LED dome shape without molding, or to facilitate the adoption of 3D technologies by industrials, Leti is focused on improving device performance, cutting power consumption and facilitating industrial tech transfers.

Also at the conference, Thomas Ernst, Scientific Director in Leti's Devices and Technologies Division, delivered a keynote on Heterogeneous integrated systems and technologies for IoT.

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