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Leti’s record of excellence at Photonics West 2017

​During Photonics West 2017, the world's largest photonics technologies event, Leti presented 12 papers and even claimed a Micro LED matrix resolution record. The institute also had a booth and hosted a successful workshop "Shaping the future of Photonics with Leti".  

Published on 21 March 2017

The micro LED record was present at SPIE Photonics West in San Francisco in a paper: "Processing and Characterization of High-Resolution GaN/InGaN LED Arrays at 10-Micron Pitch for Micro-Display Applications". Leti experts described their brand new μLED fabrication process to create high-resolution arrays at 10-micron pitch, paving the way towards even smaller pitches for next-generation devices.  

Leti also hosted a booth at the French Pavilion and introduced several demonstrators, including a smart-array-detector plane arrays that enable THz real-time imaging in the most effective way. ELichens and mirSense, two Leti start-ups, have emerged on the market with their own booth at Photonics West 2017, featuring their gas sensor products with applications ranging from environmental monitoring, security and defense, amongst others.  

At one block from the Photonics West event, Leti hosted a workshop, downtown San Francisco, Calif. Leti's experts discussed silicon photonics, THz imaging, trends and challenges in optical sensing and monolithic LED arrays towards novel lighting generation. Download their presentations

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