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Leti spreads its wings at CES 2017

​This year at CES Las Vegas, Leti introduced 3 innovations in sports, autonomous driving and wellness. Visitors tested PUSH, the first affordable bicycle-pedal power meter, discovered SIGMA FUSION, a low-power sensor fusion solution for safe autonomous driving and measured their alpha waves with RELAX, the most accurate relaxation monitoring device for everyday life. Leti also presented eLichens and Moovlab, two Leti start-ups.  

Published on 8 February 2017

With over 32,000 business representatives, 68 000 senior representatives and 200 government officials attending CES as visitors, Leti reaffirmed its international position and its efforts to foster highly effective and fruitful partnerships around the World. For the second consecutive year, Leti teams settled in Eureka Park with 3 innovations and 2 Leti start-ups. 

  • Sports: PUSH 
Visitors were invited to pedal on a bike equipped with the first pedal power meter under $100 that deliver power output in real time. Both industrials and cyclist lovers appreciated this first easy-to-install solution with its four-year-plus average battery life - 6,500 miles. 


  • Autonomous driving: SIGMA FUSION 

Visitors also tested SIGMA FUSION, Leti's innovative low-cost solution for autonomous cars that guarantees safe self-driving.  Industrials valued SIGMA FUSION real-time performance in a mass-market microcontroller and energy efficiency - 100 times more efficient than comparable systems. 

  • Wellness: RELAX
Finally, Leti introduced its Health & Wellness RELAX headgear. CES visitors were the first to try this wearable device that takes measurement of brain-activity - alpha waves - out of the clinic. Medical certification-ready, user-friendly, affordable and non-invasive, RELAX let visitors monitor their own level of attention and enhance mindfulness.

Leti teams thank all the visitors that stopped, discussed and tried the three above innovations. 

  • Leti Start-ups
eLichens, a Leti startup, introduced its hyper-local air quality sensing solution. Founded in 2014, the startup develops services and miniaturized sensors for both industrial and consumer markets to detect, monitor and predict air quality both indoors and outdoors. 


another Leti startup, demonstrated for the first time its connected fitness-platform prototypes. Visitors were able to participate in a round of virtual boxing training in a boxing ring wearing gloves embedded with sensors that measure performance - power, speed, reactivity, frequency and explosive power!

Leti enjoyed genuine international business prospect and is looking forward to CES 2018!

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