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Leti to Introduce its Latest 5G Tech Demo and R&D Results @RFIC/IMS 2017

​For the first year, Leti will be present at IEEE Radio Frequency Integrated Circuit Symposium (RFIC) and IEEE Microwave Theory and Techniques Societyʼs 2017 International Microwave Symposium (IMS) in June, Honolulu.  The institute will introduced its latest work for 5G with Foxy at Booth #1937 (IMS) and a strategic paper paving  the way towards mobile millimeter-wave high data rate telecommunication systems. Leti will also co-organize a workshop with international partners. 

Published on 19 May 2017

FOXY : A low-cost, low-power dedicated transceiver for Sigfox  

Foxy is a single-chip Sub-GHz transceiver that connects Things to the Sigfox network, anywhere in the world. Specifically designed for the Internet of Things, Foxy enables both marginal cost, event-based, massive IoT applications and complex IoT scenarios which require aggressive node lifetimes. Foxy can build tomorrow’s millions-of-Things applications including predictive maintenance and asset management. 

Discover Foxy at Booth #1937, IMS exhibition floor, from June 6-8, 2017, along with G-Link, a low-power wireless connection that enables instantaneous transfer of gigabits of data between two devices a few centimeters apart. 

Leti’s latest R&D in RF and Mm Waves


  • “TH3F, Millimeter-Wave and Terahertz CMOS Circuit Techniques”. More details. 
  • “Broadband 55–95 GHz Microstrip to Waveguide Transition Based on a Dielectric Tip and a Tapered Double-Ridged Waveguide Section”. More details. 


  • “A Fully-Integrated SOI CMOS Complex-Impedance Detector forMatching Network Tuning in LTE Power Amplifier”. More details. 

Join Leti’s workshop at RFIC

Leti will co-organize a workshop with Intel Labs and Georgia Institute of Technology on June 4, 8am-5pm: “5G Mm-Wave IC Front-end Co-design with Antenna, Packaging, and Testing for Future SOC Solutions”. Read Abstract here

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