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Leti to unveil 3 Innovations@CES2017

Leti will unveil 3 state-of-the-art tech demos at CES 2017 in Las Vegas! 

From safe autonomous driving to sports & wellness, the institute takes people at heart.

Published on 13 December 2016

Experience Leti's latest innovations @ Booth #50648-50650, in Eureka Park, during the entire CES show:

  • PUSH:
First affordable bike pedal power meter

Leti will present the first bicycle-pedal power meter under $100 that measures both strength applied on the pedal and pedaling cadence, and then combines them to deliver the cyclist's power output in real time. The PUSH pedal also features embedded power metering, which differentiates between a real pedal stroke and other movement and only measures the former. A single PUSH pedal provides reliable power metrics and it works perfectly either way up.

With integrated sensors, Leti's PUSH pedal includes embedded signal-processing algorithms to deliver power estimation with 8-percent accuracy.

Features include:
Four-year-plus average battery life/6,500 miles equivalent
First easy-to-install solution
No calibration required
Fits all indoor/outdoor bicycles and e-bikes
Delivers direct power metrics

  • RELAX: 
Most accurate relaxation monitoring device for everyday life

Leti will demonstrate a wearable device that takes measurement of brain-activity - alpha waves - out of the clinic and puts it into the hands of consumers.

Using electroencephalography (EEG) to record the brain's alpha wave activity, the lightweight headgear called RELAX measures the level of relaxation with an embedded electrode system that does not require the sensors to be attached to the scalp. Designed to allow users to maximize relaxation, the RELAX headgear provides a new dimension to wellness management in every area of life, from working to studying to exercising or simply reading or listening to music. Medical certification-ready, user-friendly, affordable and non-invasive, it lets users monitor their own level of attention and enhance mindfulness. The RELAX app, which is connected to the head device, provides live tracking of alpha wave activity.

Future uses for RELAX include:
Brain fitness (neuro-feedback): this powerful stress-management and sleep-enhancement technique improves a person's quality of life.
Brain-computer interface: object command and control through thought is possible by reading brain signals when thinking specifically. Applications may include virtual reality, video games and remote assistance of disabled persons for controlling home-automation functions.
Mental-focus monitoring: tracking concentration and level of attention in high-stakes occupational situations can save lives and prevent environmental disasters. Air- and road-traffic control, and highly efficient digital-learning tools are among the multiple applications of this technology.

Leti's team will demonstrate RELAX at CES Unveiled on Jan 3, 5-8:30 pm, Mandalay Bay, South Pacific Ballroom, Las Vegas, Nev. It will then be available at Booth 50648-50650, in Eureka Park, during the entire CES show.

Low-power sensor fusion solution for safe autonomous driving

Leti's innovative low-cost solution for autonomous cars, transforms the myriad of incoming distance data into clear information about the driving environment. This efficient perception system, which Leti will demonstrate at CES 2017, combines, merges and feeds exhaustive data to an autonomous car's autopilot, providing all it needs to guarantee safe driving. It is able to detect any kind of obstacle and to assess obstacle-free spaces for safe route navigation.

SIGMA FUSION processes information signaled by its "senses": a stereo camera and two LIDARs. A LIDAR, short for light detection and ranging, is a remote-sensing method. SIGMA FUSION is compatible with any kind of range sensors, leveraging data from the best sensors.

SIGMA FUSION highlights include:
Multi-sensor fusion compatible with any type of sensor
Safe assessment of obstacle-free space surrounding the vehicle
Fast, accurate environmental perception
Real-time performance in a mass-market microcontroller
Predictable behavior and proven reliability to prepare for automotive-certification process
100 times more energy efficient than comparable systems
Affordable and tailored to all vehicle types and models

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