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Leti startups at CES 2017

​Leti will present eLichens and Moovlab, two Leti spin-offs at CES 2017

Published on 19 December 2016
  • eLichens: Hyper-local Air Quality Sensing
Lichens are air pollution bio-indicators, and eLichens uses that capability in its digital markers of air quality. Founded in 2014, the startup develops services and miniaturized sensors for both industrial and consumer markets to detect, monitor and predict air quality both indoors and outdoors.

Although industrial-grade sensors of this type do exist on the market, they are often energy-hungry and bulky, with a short lifespan. eLichens offers differentiating solutions with ultra-low-power, low-carbon footprint and smart sensors, featuring an increased lifespan.

eLichens plays a key and growing role in the emerging market for smart city solutions and services, offering differentiating air quality sensing solutions for a more environmentally friendly World supported by communities and government agency strategies - e.g. managing city's green spaces & infrastructure, energy footprint, sources of pollution, traffic management and carbon budget.

eLichens unique hybrid approach combines real-time sensor network and best-in-class gas dispersion models. This combination enables cost-effective and high performance air monitoring station.

Located in Mountain View, CA, and Grenoble, France, eLichens will commercialize its first products in 2017. Discover eLichens' new hot product at booth # 50653

Visit the eLichens website

  • MOOVLAB: Connected Fitness Platform
MOOVLAB, a Leti spin-off, will present for the first time at CES 2017 its connected fitness-platform prototypes for trainers, coaches and sports enthusiasts. Visitors at its booth will be able to participate in a round of virtual boxing training in a professional-size boxing ring wearing gloves embedded with sensors that measure performance (power, speed, reactivity, frequency and explosive power)!

More connected than ever, people under 35 are participating in sports activities on a regular basis. They especially enjoy getting involved in group exercises for increased motivation and social interaction. To address this demand, MOOVLAB offers a turnkey, easy-to-use, dedicated platform to the fitness world.

Created in 2016, the startup combines a sensor with a multi-purpose/multi-function app. Embedded in sports equipment (e.g. wrist bands, boxing gloves, mittens etc.) the MOOVLAB sensor detects athletic movement. Performance is then converted into digital data, transmitted to an application (in a smartphone or fitness-room display) and processed - depending on the type of training chosen - to ensure more efficient and interactive training for individuals as well as groups.

Join MOOVLAB at Sands Expo, Level 1, Hall G, Booth #50649.

Visit the MOOVLAB website

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