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Vaccine Development based on CEA-Leti Lipidots® Technology

Published on 3 July 2020

The CEA/Inserm NanoCov2-Vac project retained by France's CARE Committee and backed by its Ministry for Research targets design and validation of an immunizing formula, based on synthetic lipid nanoparticles, for a Covid‐19 vaccine.


The NanoCov2-Vac project draws on Lipidots® technology developed over 10 years ago by CEA-Leti in relation to targeted, stealth, biocompatible nanovectorization of active principles. This approach has been validated by CEA-IDMIT and is currently being transferred to a manufacturer. On the one hand, it provides a response to the current health crisis and, on the other hand, development and validation of a new messenger RNA (mRNA)-based vaccination method that is innovative, generic and flexible, while anticipating the industrial chain capable of jointly producing clinical batches and vaccines with partner V Nano.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Fabrice Navarro, chercheur au CEA-Leti  - Patrice Marche, chercheur à l’IAB 

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